Vigilant Promotions Presents

Grind Time Now: Lounge Battles X

10th Anniversary Tour

 GNT Battles - TBA Poster 1.0

GTN Tryouts – Beat Battle | MC Rumble


Percee P & Madd Illz

Staring Special Guest Hosts

 Mr Promo & ItsTheDot

Exclusive Music Talent Search & Showcase


Performances By:

  • Madd Illz                       - Grind Time Now / Guerilla Republik
  • Percee P                       - BronxAngeles / Hip Hop Gods / Stones Throw Records
  • Akil The MC                  - BronxAngeles / Jurassic 5
  • Sean Price                    - Boot Camp Click
  • Thirstin Howl The 3rd      - Independent
  • Bizzy Bone                   - Bone Thugs n Harmony / IMG Recordings
  • Bushwick Bill                 - Geto Boyz / IMG Recordings
  • Dj MikeFlo                     - Dead Prez
  • Bronze Nazareth            - Wu Tang Affiliates / Wu-World
  • Lord Jessiah                  - Wu Tang Affiliates / Wu-World
  • Born Divine                    - Wu Tang Affiliates / Protect Ya Neck Records

Additional Special NOVEMBER Performances By:

** Some Artists Below Are Subject To Change **

  • KRS-One                      - Temple Of Hip Hop / Zulu Nation
  • Lord Finesse                 - D.I.T.C.
  • Diamond D                    - D.I.T.C.
  • Rass Kass                    - Independent
  • Killer Mike                     - Independent
  • Bonecrusher                  - IMG Recordings
  • Sadat X                         - Brand Nubian
  • Coke Boys                    - French Montana / IMG Recordings
  • Brick Squad                  - Waka Flocka / IMG Recordings

Preliminary Prizes Include: Rep My City BXC

  • Secured spot for Grind Time Now Lounge Battles X Finalist Competition
  • Secured spot for Spitflame Rep My City BXC Talent Showcase
  • Secured Placement on the “Spitflame Rep My City BXC” Compilation Album
  • Secured Placement on the “Spitflame Rep My City BXC” DVD
  • One Album or Mixtape project hosted by Dj Frkky D of Slip & Slide Records Dj Coalition
  • Music Submission to Slip & Slide Records
  • Music Submission to SMG Universal Records
  • Championship Award

Grand Finale Prizes Include: Lounge Battles X (LBX)

  • $1,000 Cash Prize
  • Championship Belt
  • Magazine Placement
  • Interview/Reviews w/ Hip Hop DX
  • Album Placement on “BronxAngeles: A State Of Mind”
  • 2013 Championship T-Shirt
  • Video Coverage
  • Secure performance slot for the upcoming Grind Time Now Music Festival 2014

Sponsored By

  • Vigilant Promotions
  • Slip & Slide Records
  • Stones Throw Records
  • Stronghold Recordings
  • Wu-World / Wu-Management & Protect Ya Neck Records
  • Hip Hop Gods
  • Guerrilla Republik
  • Temple Of Hip Hop
  • Universal Zulu Nation
  • Hip Hop DX
  • Real Hip Hop Forever
  • Hype Magazine
  • Stacks TV
  • Hip Hop Medicine Nation

About the “Lounge Battles X Tour”

Grind Time Now presents the Lounge Battles 10 Year Anniversary Tour that will feature special GTN Tryouts through our MC Rumble and Producer Battles.

The “Lounge Battles X Tour” will be hosted by The Legendary Rhyme Inspector Percee P along with Grind Time Now Founder & President Madd Illz who will be traveling to 40+ cities in search of the best Emcee’s and Producers. These battles have always drawn out the best Producers and Emcees so for this final series we will be having each location host preliminary tryouts. This will be the last opportunity anyone gets to be crowned the National Lounge Battles Champion!

Grind Time Now is the worlds largest Hip Hop Battle League and our branded “GTN Lounge Battles” is the largest MC Battle event in the United Sates. Now entering its 10th and final year, Lounge Battles 10 (LBX) is set to go out with a bang! Currently, with over 95 million views on YouTube alone, GTN will be looking to prop up their next battle star like never before!

GTN Tryouts:

All preliminary competitions will be supported by official GTN affiliate Vigilant Promotions and hosted with our partners around the United States which will introduce a variety of opportunities to advance to the GTN National Finals in December 2013.

Producer Battle:
Each Producer will play their beats against each other until there is one left. The winners will advance to the GTN State Finals and then on to the GTN National Finals in December.

MC Rumble:
32 Emcees face off all at the same time for the title of the MC Rumble Champion. Winners will advance to the GTN State Finals and then on to the GTN National Finals in December.

About Spitflame Rep My City BXC

The “Spitflame Rep My City BXC” is one of the biggest Unsigned Artist Talent Search & Showcase that provides artists with another outlet to display their talent to the world. Who Got Hits is currently hosting their state to state talent search for artist where they will later showcase this selected talent nationally. The Spitflame Rep My City BXC will also be working with Vigilant Promotions to host several GTN Tryouts during select dates of their Talent Search & Showcase.

“Spitflame Rep My City BXC” will be providing a talent search and showcase for artists to have an opportunity to be found and also display their talent nationally. The “Spitflame Rep My City BXC” will be hosted by Dj Frkky D of Slip & Slide Records Dj Coalition; aka Mr. Promo; along with Stronghold Recordings Spitflame Squad captain ItsTheDot; who will be traveling state to state in search of hot new talent to have perform for the “Spitflame Rep My City BXC” showcase which will be a national opportunity to perform and develop tours.

In addition to the talent contest and showcase opportunity, Vigilant Promotions & “Spitflame Rep My City BXC” will be hosting several GTN Tryouts during select dates of their Talent Search & Showcase. These preliminary hip-hop battles will be to select the best Emcee’s and Producers to contend in the world famous Grind Time Now: “Lounge Battles X Tour”.

Everyone who registers for the “Spitflame Rep My City BXC” Talent Search gets placement on Tthe Spitflame Rep My City BXC Compilation Album. There will be prizes awarded to the top 3 Artists and only 1 Grand Prize Winner.


The following booking rates are designed as a “Full Buy Out” for venues/promoters. There are also other creative financing options available so please feel free to inquire on the best ways to secure your event today!

  • Grind Time Now: Lounge Battles X (LBX) / The 10th Anniversary Tour will require a deposit in the full amount of $3,000 (non-refundable) for each event opportunity that includes both Battles; Producer Battle and MC Rumble; as well as live performances by The Legendry Rhyme Inspector Percee P and president of Grind Time Now Madd Illz. This service fee also includes transportation and hotel accommodations.
  • Spitflame Rep My City BXC will require a deposit in the full amount of $1,600 (non-refundable) for each event opportunity that includes the Spitflame Rep My City BXC Talent Search as well as special guest hosting by Slip & Slide Dj Frkky D and ItTheDot. This service fee also includes transportation and hotel accommodations.

Provided Promotional & Branding Services:

  • Radio and Video Commercials
  • Host/Artist Event Drop
  • Viral Marketing & Social Media Promotion
  • Street Promotion (Optional)


  • Grind Time Now/Rep My City retains 100% of any Bottle Services and VIP entry.
  • Grind Time Now/Rep My City retains 100% ownership of all video, audio, and pictures.

Contestants Registration Info: 

  • Original Material – Written or Freestyle
  • $50 / $75 w/ GTN – Solo Registration
  • $100 / $125 w/ GTN – 3 Person Group Registration - $10 each additional person

For more information on booking:

Kable Reid 

National Promotions Director

Vigilant Promotions

Phone: 612-423-0355


"BronxAngeles: A State Of Mind"


BronxAngeles: A State Of Mind, was inspired from lyrics by the legendary rhyme inspector Percee P in a song called “Watch Your Step” off of his Perseverance album. Being an Emcee from the Bronx yet residing now out in Los Angeles, he felt an expansion or evolution of himself.. “Everything of who I am comes from where I grew up, it made me who I am. But now that Im out on the west coast I realized that Im gaining even more to add to who I am, and create who I will be tomorrow. So I love where Im from, but Im also gaining from where Im at.”

He originally presented the idea to Akil from the legendary Jurassic 5, shortly after their departure, and the two of them began to collaborate on this project. Now with two legends in Hip Hop, both Percee P and Akil created such a great energy to the idea, Percee with his experience of Hip Hop at its birth, in the birthplace of the Bronx, and Akil with his experience of Hip Hop at its birth, but from the west coast perspective, and with his extensive worldwide overseas touring with Jarassic 5. This preserved authenticity of Hip Hop, and its evolutions, have since created a redefining definition to take shape.

BronxAngeles is a redefining definition – It is the ACT of applying a combination of sources to create a new whole, or evolution of the combined sources as one. This is at the heart of Hip Hop Culture, it is our Hiphop Consciousness, it is our art of self creation given by Great Spirit, it is A State Of Mind. We are One. We are Hip Hop!

BronxAngeles: A State Of Mind, is now manifesting as a hip-hop project that is about applying the unifying nature of Hiphop Consciousness and Hip Hop Culture under one accord.. or in this case record. We will be collaborating with a wide range of defining hip-hop emcees and rappers that support the preservation of this essence in our Hip Hop Culture. We ask everyone to participate in this great movement of unity by donating your Hip Hop Element(s) to the first recorded album titled, BronxAngeles: A State Of Mind, and spreading the word to Hiphoppas everywhere.

“A lot of these emcees have been heard but are just overlooked by the media, this hip-hop project will provide a place for us to be seen.. as the true roots or essence of Hip Hop” - Percee P

All Independent Artists recieve a slot on this Development Campaign which includes the following support...

  • National Artist to host album project

– Percee P and/or Akil of Jurassic 5

  • Several National Artists contributing music

– KRS-One, Zin Uru, Bushwick Bill, Billy Danze (M.O.P.), Bonecrusher, Wildchild, Guilty Simpson, Sean Price, MikeFlo (Dead Prez Dj), and more to be announced..

  • Placement of one (1) track to current album project

– BronxAngeles: A State Of Mind

  • 200 Station Mid-Level Regional Campaign for 10 weeks

College, Commercial, Online, Satellite

  • 1000 copies of the album

– Artists will receive 110 Cd’s each

  • This album project will have a full Awareness Campaign

Full 12 week campaign

  • Press Pursuit

Full 12 week campaign

  • Viral Marketing

Full 12 week campaign

  • Artists will be included in all promotional materials for this campaign

Concert Event/Tour option

  • And more..

For All Interested Emcee's/Rappers, Producers, DJs, Submissions, etc.  Please Contact:

Kable Reid | 612.423.0355 |


Madd Illz Logo 1.0

(Guerilla Republik)

Owner and Founder of Grind Time Now

facebook    twitter   

For Booking, Features, Lectures, & Other Info Please Contact:

Vigilant Promotions | 612.423.0355 |

Madd Illz - CincoDeMyFlow small 

Album Preview:

Cinco De My Flow 

Radio Singles:

"Back In The Day"  |  "Hurt"

Album Bio:

A brand new EP has been made available May 5th, 2014 in the Madd Illz catalog. This project titled "Cinco De My Flow" features 5 New Tracks that you can review and download for free. This potent EP includes everything from his famous intricate wordplay, to political aggression, along with a very serious and personal single titled "Hurt". This particular song is the true story of a close friend to Madd Illz who had commited suicide and also reflects how others close had helped Madd Illz deal with the tragic loss.

This is the third installment from a new series of projects being developed in coordination with Vigilant Management to expand his personal brand and musical reverence in Hip Hop. With this veteran Emcee's continued and growing support you can be sure to hear more of Madd Illz at local college radio stations nation-wide. Additionally the team is implementing a brand new artist development platform in which the industry will be seeing many new advancements in branding through a combination of social meida technologies and web-platform advancements on the horizon. The "Cinco De My Flow" album project is a taste of our Augmented Reality interactive graphics you can view via the LAYAR app which is available for free download in your mobile app store. Check it out below!

Album Placement:

Cinco De My Flow 01:32   

Produced by: J. Vega
Written by: J. Carrasco 
Recorded by: A. Brooks 
Mixed by: Studio 18 FL 
Arranged by: J. Carrasco              

We Are Guerrillas 02:30   

Produced by: DJ OZ 
Written by: J. Carrasco 
Recorded by: A. Brooks 
Mixed by: Studio 18 FL 
Arranged by: J. Carrasco              

Put the Dumb Down 01:59   

Produced by: J. Vega 
Written by: J. Carrasco 
Recorded by: A. Brooks 
Mixed by: Studio 18 FL
Arranged by: J. Carrasco               

Back in the Day 02:36 (radio)

Produced by: J. Vega 
Written by: J. Carrasco 
Recorded by: A. Brooks 
Mixed by: Studio 18 FL 
Arranged by: J. Carrasco              

Hurt 02:25 (radio)

Produced by: Persyce CR 
Written by: J. Carrasco 
Recorded by: A. Brooks 
Mixed by: Studio 18 FL 
Arranged by: J. Carrasco      

Madd Illz - Put The Dumb Down

 Madd Illz - YouTube 2 100% 100% no-repeat transparent;">

Madd Illz - VP Booking Image 1.0


Free MADD ILLZ Mixtape via Augmented Reality APP

Click For Free Download Here

It’s finally here, the Freeverses Vol. 1 Free Mixtape! This Mixtape is a collection of songs the Grind Time Now owner/artist has put together with some of his closest friends and features 18 tracks of non stop lyricism. Dropping his EP titled ‘Hi.. Again’ in early 2014, Madd Illz decides to showcase his lyrical capabilities on FVV:1. This release marks one of the first of its kind though. Utilizing the 'LAYAR application', users can scan the Cd cover art and receive a free download link to their phone via new technology called Augmented Reality. This eliminates the need of using cds or flash drives.

Click the link or promo image above for the traditional digital download method.


Scan the Cd cover art below for this Augmented Reality experience and free extra content!
Just download the 'LAYAR application' in your mobile app store to scan the image.


Released: July 26th, 2013