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“Rap is something you do, Hip Hop is something you live.”



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For far too long now Hip Hop has been going down a misguided path to commercialized cookie cutter antics. The Hip Hop Kulture as a whole has been ridiculed, mocked, and continually dismissed because of these antics that RAPPERS & EMCEES perpetuate. Today’s so called “RAPPERS” & “EMCEES” seem to have no clue about the heritage and legacy of this Kulture and only destroy the movement with their ignorance and greed for the limelight. They learn about the Hip Hop Kulture via mass media outlets and actually believe the propaganda that is being spoon fed to them article by article, video by video, commercial hit by commercial hit only to become lambs getting led to the slaughter. Now everyone is running around thinking they know the Hip Hop Kulture and how the music industry works because of what they learned from the PROPAGANDA outlets. These efforts have created the most damaging effect to the Kulture, which is a belief that the Hip Hop Kulture and Rap Music (only known as “The Industry”) are one in the same.. They are not!

Fortunately with the unique ability to isolate from certain cultural and societal changes, Hip Hop has delayed being completely assimilated in to the mainstream aka “Industry”. SoSTRONGHOLD RECORDINGS has established a foundation for the Truest Hiphoppas out there. Now that the battle lines have been drawn, we have been handed this key outpost to help preserve the Hip Hop Kulture and carry on its traditions, which are being exploited to extinction. This can not be allowed and this will not happen under our watch!

The Time Is Now And The Place Is Stronghold Recordings!


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Stronghold Recordings is a subsidiary label of IMG Recordings with Major Manufacturing and Distribution through Universal and Sony. IMG Recordings currently holds a wide range of artists and just a few subsidiary labels such as Stronghold Recordings, along with a roster of Billboard chart topping artists such as Crunchy Black (Triple 6 Mafia's Grammy Winner), Bone Thugs N Harmony, Bonecrusher, Shop Boyz, Eastside Boyz, and many more!

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Minista Zin Uru - Banner 1

"As men and women of God, we must be willing to become all that Great Spirit desires for us, we are not here to just become better versions of our old selves, we are truly here to become a whole new creation!" - Minista Zin Uru / The Temple Of Hip Hop

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“No Emcee can impress once you’ve toured with KRS!!” - Minista Zin Uru / The Temple Of Hip Hop

Minista Zin Uru is a graduated apprentice of the Temple of Hip Hop, under direct tutelage of the Teacha KRS One. As a recognized intellectual and spiritual contributor to The Gospel of Hip Hop (p.824), Minista Zin Uru has traveled the world as an Ambassador of Peace and Prosperity. In 2006 he recorded and released his most notable song titled “The Promised Land” with legendary iconic emcee Chief Rocker Busy Bee which amassed over 350,000 online plays!

As an intricate member of 2009's Stop the Violence Movement, Minista Zin Uru filmed the controversial "Tent City" documentary. An intimate 10 minute journey following KRS One as he meets the victims of Hurricane Katrina that were still living in tents under the I-10 freeway in New Orleans days before their eviction.

As a certified Theta Healer, Minista Zin Uru has dedicated his life to living the H-LAW (Health, Love, Awareness and Wealth). His current sermonar "Hip Hop: The Art of Self Creation" is an in depth look at the living of Hip Hop as a human skill and life strategy beyond the confines of modern technological dependency. His latest musical endeavor is as co-creator of "Hip Hop Medicine Nation" which is a collective of emcees, producers, singers and healers. A vibrant and passionate speaker, Minista Zin Uru is on the forefront of Hip Hop Kultures development and preservation.

From this Worldwide experience and exposure comes a Powerful Public Speaker, Leader, and Emcee, who is reppin Stronghold Recordings with endless projects.

Minista Zin Uru Services -

The Temple Of Hip Hop “Beginners Apprenticeship Lesson" will include:

  • 4 week Lesson Plan
  • 4 Group Sessions
  • 2 hours of Personal 1-on-1 Lessons
  • 1 Hip Hop Healing Session
  • Exclusive Apprenticeship Album Vol. 1

Album Releases To Date: 

  • Street Gnosis (2013)
  • United We StandOct 2011
  • Pure I FireOct 2011/2012
  • The New Paradigm2011
  • Revolationary2010
  • The Way Of Peace 2009

For Booking, Features, Lectures, & Other Info Please Contact:

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"Ill Versus"

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Get Ready Because The Storm is Coming PT 1
~Get Ready Because The Storm is Coming: PT:1~
Peace and much respect, I know allot of y'all out there are struggling to make sense of what is going on in the world right now. Many changes are indeed taking place that are beyond our comprehension. From the poisoning of Earths land, air and water to the ever increasing threat of martial law and police states. Chemtrails have replaced clouds, cyberspace has surpassed community and chemical bio-products have replaced nutrition. Corporate industry is pillaging every conceivable resource of this planet, including you.

Our children are told to idolize the celebrity, no matter how talentless, whitless, or offensive they behave. And when these same celebrities go to far, we are encouraged to slander, make fun and hate them for a number of acceptable reasons. All the while the war machine keeps turning day and night.

Spirituality is now measured by how much material wealth one has "attracted" into their life, and revolution has been replaced by skinny jeans and apathy. Video games now recruit our bravest warriors at young ages when they are most venerable, virtually turning them into wards of the state or military.
Our every move is under sevailence as privacy has become a condition of the past. Our fellow citizens have been killed in movie theaters, resturaunts, schools and shopping malls, by "lone" gun men, creating a mass public shadow of fear wherever we are. And this is just a small sample of what all of us know and feel on a daily basis.

For those of us who have been "fighting the good fight" for most of our lives it feels like enough is enough. We know to well that most if not every attempt to unify and organize is quickly put to rest, not by the oppressor but by our own disorganization, pride and predjuce. We can list off every excuse in the book for this condition, yet at the end of the day the common denominator for our current situation as humanity is OURSELVES. We choose not to get along, our own community tears down our prophets, teachers and leaders. Do we even know who we are anymore? Can we truly say we are descendants of the great civilizations in the past while we continue to create and live in the paradigm of the colonizer? Are we even afraid to THINK like free men and women, or is the NWO policeing our inner being as well?
For those of you still sleeping or pretending to be asleep you gotta get yourself up. It's go time. If you've been playing the role of "reluctant messenger" now is the time to grow into your adulthood. Now is the time to become the men and women that we truly know ourselves to be. No one escapes the coming tribulation, including the so called elite.

To be continued.....
~Minista Zin Uru~