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Vigilant Promotions is proud to collaborate with KRS-ONEs Temple Of Hip Hop and the International Hip Hop community in order to make a statement about the contribution and duty we have to one another throughout the global Hip Hop community. We are directly assisting the Teacha "KRS-One" and Minista Zin Uru to preserve Hip Hop by preserving the Hiphoppa and expand the development of our communities through Hip Hop Kulture.

The Temple Of Hip Hop is an International Hip Hop Preservation Ministry, Archive, School, and Society (M.A.S.S.) founded by the Teacha "KRS ONE".

Also, there are many Hiphoppas around the world wondering where they can find an Official Temple Of Hip Hop affiliate to purchase products and services that directly support The Temple Of Hip Hop..

Hip Hop Appreciation Week 2013

 Minista Zin Uru 1

A message from Minista Zin Uru

Peace and much, love this is Minista Zin Uru reaching out from the Temple of Hip Hop. Happy Hip Hop Appreciation Week 2013! We made it !! For those of you who do not know me, I am an eight year apprentice of the Temple of Hip Hop under direct tutelage of Hip Hops only recognized Master Teacher, our Teacha KRS ONE (founder of the Temple of Hip Hop). We come from the linage of Kool DJ Herc, Afrika Bambaataa (Zulu Nation) and Grandmaster Flash. I am a recognized intellectual and spiritual contributor to the Gospel of Hip Hop. I Am Hip Hop, and I am self-created. As a temple for Hip Hop, our various works include 1989 and 2009s Stop the Violence Movement, All In The Same Gang (1990) H.E.A.L. Human Education Against Lies (1991) , The Hip Hop Deceleration of Peace (2001), The Gospel of Hip Hop (2009) and a host of cultural, intellectual and spiritual Hip Hop gatherings, lectures and events. For us Hip Hop is not a product to be bought or sold. For us Hip Hop is our lifestyle, it is our culture, our unique identity in the world.

It is with the utmost respect, love and devotion for the further development and preservation of Hip Hop that we celebrate this the 40th Anniversary of Hip Hop Kulture. It is the intent of this message to shed light on what it truly means to appreciate Hip Hop and since we ARE Hip Hop, what it means to truly appreciate ourselves and each other. This year as we celebrate in our various cities across the globe, I would like to draw our attention to the word appreciation. What does this word actually mean? How does this word relate to Hip Hop and our annual celebration?

Appreciation is commonly defined as: gratitude; thankful recognition, clear perception. Also: an increase or rise in the value of property, goods, critical notice; evaluation; opinion, as of a situation, person, etc. Appreciation is our ability to clearly see, increase the value, and give gratitude and thankful recognition to those things, events, people and ideas that we are thankful for. It is truly the conduit from which we give value to our environment. This is what the early Hiphop sight was all about (and still is). This sight turned an average home appliance (the turn table or record player) into the most popular instrument sold in it's time. Its the same sight that gave value (appreciation) to a common workers boot and turned it into a worldwide fashion statement and multi-million dollar company. It is this same appreciation today that gives value, gratitude and thankful recognition to our elders, pioneers, icons, and for fathers and mothers of Hip Hop Kulture. It is also this same appreciation that had many early Hiphoppas calling each other God, Goddess, King and Queen, You see, when weappreciate something and give it clear value, it matters.

I remember a time not long ago when it was not popular to declare “I Am Hip Hop”, our philosophy was not as widely accepted as it is today. We were criticized, laughed at and even threatened. But those of us who had clear sight and appreciated the ultimate truth that saying “I Am Hip Hop” brought, gave new value to our culture and worldwide movement. What we gave value to in the past, grew and continues to grow and appreciates in value today. This is the very foundation of why we celebrate Hip Hop Appreciation Week every year. Not only does it show our gratitude and appreciation for what we truly value, it increases our value and adds value to our future generations to come. And really get what I'm saying here, by us showing appreciation for our selves as Hip Hop, we add value to our selves both individually and collectively. As we continue this trend (or way) we (Hip Hip) increase in value! And keep in mind that we are not talking about monetary value (although that is included) we are talking about our value as human beings, we are talking about our actual value to GOD! Lets go a little deeper.

Many Hiphoppas growing up today don't realize what a bland, corny and boring scene the Unites States of America was before Hip Hop rescued us. Many Hiphoppas today don't remember a time when we had no outlets or platforms to express ourselves, politically, socially and spiritually. Let alone a platform that allowed us to express all these views at once. For me as a white teenage suburbanite in the East Bay Area of California, hearing groups like Public Enemy, N.W.A. and Boogie Down Productions gave me appreciation for life on a whole new level. It gave me a clear vision into the lives of people I had no direct access too. They brought me into a world where the power of self-expression cancelled out the devil. I began to relate and gain compassion for the struggles of black youth not only in America but all across the world. Hearing their stories brought me appreciation for the fact that my friends and family were not getting shot and killed and that the neighborhood where I had been raised was not life threatening. I began asking questions after hearing that the black man is God, I would ask “Can I be God too?” and GOD would answer me back “Can you?” and I would say “Yes I believe I can”. You see Hip Hop pointed me to GOD. Instead of wanting to know how to become a rapper, I wanted to know how to become God. I wanted to know the same force that empowers people like Chuck D and KRS ONE.

And this is the real point here. We truly appreciate what we love. And GOD loves us so much that we were made Hip Hop as an answer to end our suffering. I knew that I had compassion before I knew Hip Hop, but once I realized that I indeed possessed compassion, my value as a human being increased. I realized that those around me who may have liked listening to their favorite rappers were not hearing the same voice that I was hearing. A voice that had me questioning my ENTIRE environment. I began questioning my school, my church, my diet, my beliefs, my habits, my courage, the government, even my own parents, the list is endless.

Next, the depth of my character began to change and grow, I was no longer satisfied with any institution or system of beliefs. I began to look into the Tao and Zen, I began to study the Bhagavd Gita and Gnostic texts. I searched for revelations in Rastafarian, Coptic and Native Aboriginal beliefs and prophecies. Through this quest I was introduced to Great Spirit and the feminine power of GOD, the Goddess. I was shown an ancient history that far surpassed anything I had been taught in church or school. And as I was seeking I was becoming ALL of these. However in the end, my search for God had distanced me from everyone and everything I knew. I could no longer function in “normal” society. I couldn't keep a job, a home or a friend. In every sense I had given up hope. Eventually my quest lead me to the doors of the Temple of Hip Hop and my Teacha KRS ONE: the empirical evidence that God is real in my life. This is why Minista Zin Uru appreciates Hip Hop !

You see Hip Hop saved me from my self, and it can save you to !! God revealed to me my life purpose through Hip Hop. At the darkest most desperate hour in my life, when all my friends had abandoned me, after my then wife left with the kids and I could not find employment anywhere, all I had was my self, God and Hip Hop. Thats it. Hip Hop gave me an outlet, a reason to get up everyday knowing that my situation was truly temporary. I wrote and recorded and worked on my rhyming skills, lyrics and songs. I was on the phone constantly encouraging others going through similar situations as myself. I found a way to pray and communicate with GOD after all religious institutions had turned their back on me. Hip Hop overcame my depression. And all of this happened when I was still broke, unemployed and living in places I did not want to live because I had nowhere else to go. Hip Hop and God are always there for us, if we have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. Our promise is always on the other side of our fear. We must be willing and equipped (through knowledge) to go through the fire of fear to get to our promise on the other side. This is how GOD appreciates us, this is how GOD adds value to our lives, by stripping away those things that no longer serve us, by revealing the truth no matter how much it may hurt at the time.

This is how we increase in value: perseverance. This is my heart speaking to you Hiphoppa. We cannot take this word appreciation lightly. For if GOD values and appreciates us so much, that we were given the opportunity to be created Hip Hop, how do we show the same appreciation to GOD? The answer is simple: We must appreciate and add value to our selves and each other !! For if we are ever to become more like our creator we must shed the outdated ideas and limiting beliefs of who and what our Creator is and can do. We must be willing and able to sit in stillness without casting blame on other people for our situations and circumstances. Yes there are many horrible things happening in our world everyday, yes there are conspiracies and plots being instigated by truly sinister forces. However these tests are here to strengthen us, not defeat us. These conditions and circumstances that we as Hip Hop find our selves in at this very moment on this very day are obstacles to be overcome !! Every time we voice and give power to the monster that is trying to consume us that monster grows. And just the same, every time we voice and give power to the force that frees us, we give that force power and it grows in our life. Every time we show true appreciationfor GOD and Hip Hop , the influence and strength of GOD and Hip Hop grow and manifest in our lives. What a revelation, what a gift, and what an honor.

Every time we compromise and give into the outer world and it's disbelief we shrink in power, however every time we stand firm in the truth of our GOD we are empowered !! Let us not mimic the self-destructive ways of the mainstream whose very image of hip-hop DEPRECIATES their value, instead let us preserve the original techniques and spirit of our elders and pioneers whose APPRECIATION for Hip Hop created value and wealth where there was none before. Let us continue to grow in this new power emanating from Spirit, let us grow andappreciate Hip Hop in our lives and in the lives of others. Let us continue to create events and projects that allow others who are disenfranchised and suffering to find their way back to GOD. Let us appreciate our families, our icons, our brothers, our sisters, our friends and most importantly our children. This is how we show GOD that we appreciate this life we have been gifted. This is how we appreciate GOD !!

Hiphoppa we have no more time. The world is crumbling around us, so what will rise from this rubble? Will we be the new Nation that Great Spirit is calling us to be? Will we rise to the challenge? Can a new world be created through us? A world where our families live and thrive together, a world where we don't have to spend all of our precious time here on this wonderful planet Earth indebted and in fear of a system that has no appreciation for us. Can we meet and fulfill the promise of GOD? For it is evident to us that GOD truly values andappreciates us as Hip Hop. For we can truly see the effects of GOD in our very lives. We must hold this up, we must lift GOD up, we must value and appreciate what GOD has given us in Hip Hop. Beyond the hurt, beyond the frustrations loneliness and doubt, we must be truly ready to become a whole new creation. It no longer serves us to become better versions of our old self.

In closing I would like to encourage those of you reading this to take some real time these next few weeks and asses your current state of living. Show your self some realappreciation. Are you satisfied with where you are in life? I know many of you may not even know where to begin. My best advise is to always begin with earnest and heart felt prayer. Remember that time alone with God is time alone with self. God needs to be alone with each of us as individuals everyday. If your hurting emotionally, physically or spiritually, now seems to be the time to get right with God. There is nothing to fear. GOD loves you and wants to connect with you right where you are. No obstacle is to great for God. However like Hip Hop, God is a lifelong commitment. Do not haphazardly call God into your life if you are not ready and wanting real change. Remember that your promise is on the other side of your fear, and many people today fear GOD. Hiphoppa face your fears, we must allow God to heal our selves and environment through us. Happy Hip Hop Appreciation Week!! There it is.

~Minista Zin Uru~