TradeM provides Talent Representation for clients who are looking to further their prospects in Entertainment Networking between Artists, Producers, Promoters, Community Organizations, and other Businesses. We work to develop your personal brand and provide additional resources for greater co-branding opportunities that will help maximize everyone’s reach and ultimately provide consumers with the greatest enjoyment.

TradeM Talent Representation is a business of knowledge that is BIG on values! Throughout his career it has always been his determination and willpower as key points that have allowed him to build on his, and other peoples, knowledge in ways unlike most. With an overly busy mind and limitless energy to burn, he has often been know for creating wild and exciting moments that allow many different people to connect through this individual. He is immeasurably witty with things that bring about enjoyment and new opportunities.

TradeM has often been called an artistic or technical genius who is a highly skilled and knowledgeable “Go-To” Guy! Always aiming for the bigger picture in understanding everything possible, he leaves the little stuff to others unless it is directly required to comprehend the whole direction. Like one stepping back from a master piece to envision where it's springing from and yet where it could/should lead to, and then calculate appropriate ACTION.

TradeM remains very humble as he is eager to soak up as much knowledge as possible, yet at the same time he can teach people new concepts and ideas as well. For him both studying and teaching go hand in hand with getting anything accomplished and it is this well rounded approach that he brings to any individual or business looking to grow and develop in to the next level.

Contact TradeM:

P: 612.284.3031




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