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OfPuerto RicanDecent the self proclaimed,Skillionaire and Polorican from theMarcus Garvey Villagein Brownsville Brooklyn. Thirstin Howl the 3rdhas consistently and independently manufactured movies and albums for more than a decade.Utilizing the internet’s’social networksandunderground distributionshe has established a global fan base and toured the world. Branding his own imprintsSKILLIONAIRE enterprisesandSKILLUSIONS films where he released projects for both theEnglish and Spanish markets.

Beginning as a production assistant atMTVfor several years he went on to becoming a writer and cast member for theMTV“Lyricist Lounge Show”. Later on Thirst went on to producing and starring in his own cooking program “Jail Recipes”. Hisflood of music videosare shared and viewed all over blogs.Mr. Howl demonstrates unlimited imagination, versatility and creativity in everything he does.With all his albums incorporating a title that includes the word“Skill”.TH3is considered “one of the greatest punch line rappers”to be heard.

A Thirsty fiend forHip Hopbeginning with Graffiti andBreakdancingin the early 80s. He earned the September 1997“Unsigned Hype”spot in theSource Magazine. As well as teaming up withEminemfor theRap OlympicsinLAthat same year. Also known asBig Vic Loone of theoriginal foundersofLo-Lifesandoriginatorof the nameLo-Lifes.(Brooklyn kids from the 80’s who dressed in high fashion brands that were shoplifted)

HisLo-LifePolo down (Ralph Lauren) Lifestyle has become aHip Hop cultural stamp for fashion.Influencing and spawning never ending generations ofLo headseverywhere. Founded more than25 yearsago theLo-Lifesmovement is a recognizableHip Hop organizationlike theZulu Nationandthe Rock Steady Crew.TheLo Lifesare credited for a lot of thepioneeringandevolution ofstreet fashion in New York City their story has been featured in countless publications.


  • Has collaborated with such artist asEMINEM, DamianMarley, Cypress hill, Brother J, Chino-xl, X-clan, KRS one, Keith murray, The RZA, Immortal Technique, Canibus, The Beatnuts, The Alcoholics, Spit gemz, Mellow man ace, Meyhem Lauren, RA the rugged man, blazay blazay, Kid frost, Special Ed, C-Rayz Wallz, Sean Price, Professor X, Ed O G, Master Killah , Ol Dirty Bastard, AG, Garcia, ill Bill, Coka Nostra, Smoke Dza,Level Martinez, Dana Dane, Sadat X, Mos-Def, Dv Alias Khryst, The High and Mighty, Wordsworth, Poisen Pen, Brooklyn Academy, Sofla Kings, Heltah Skeltah, Def Jef, Hurricane G, Tony Touch, Malverde ,J-love, Omniscient ,P-doe, Don Dinero, Temperamento, Capicu, Jean Grae, T-Weapons, Juice, Afu-ra, Cool Calm Pete, Non Phixion, Seal Fresh, Animocity, Grieco EL Padrino, Los Nandez, Cuba El Carnisero, D’mingoSnowgoons, mayday,virtuoso, fredro,esoteric, rex, reef the lost cause..just to name a few.
  • Thirstin has over a hundred music videos on the internet,
  • He has successfully and independently releaseda catalougue of CD’S & DVD’SThrough his own imprintsSkillionaire Enterprises & Skillusions Films..
  • With performances all around the world too numerous to mention.
  • 2013Hurricane GandThirstincollaborated on an album entirely inSpanglishtitled“Mami & Papi”
  • Featured on the 2012Chino-xlalbum “Ricanstructure”song“Latinos stand up”withB-Real, Kid frost & Sick Jacken
  • 2012Thirstinstars asChef Survival Kitin his hilarious cooking show“Jail Recipes”(also on DVD)
  • 2012“Big Cuzins Payback”movie is released as the sequel tothe polorican movie.Written, produced and directed by thirstin and jokes.. (also on DVD)
  • The “Natural Born Skiller”LP is released showcasingThirstinscontinuous growth inlyrics and production..
  • “Illegal Tender” John Singleton’s2007 film starringRick GonzalezandTego Calderon. Features theThirstin Howlclassic spanglish track“Marijuanera”featuringD’Mingo.
  • Thirstin Howlis the actor who played the karate master in theScion/Loaded Languagefilm production of “Endless Knot”.Anger Bangersis also responsible for the films musical score and sound effects.
  • Summer 2007Thirstin HowlandRack-Loshare the stage for the release of the“SKILL OR BE SKILLED” WorldTour DVD.
  • Early 2007Thirstin HowlandRack- Loteam up for the“Lo Down & Dirty”Album, Distributed byNature soundsand Australia’sClass-A recordsin conjunction withSKILLIONAIRE ENTERPRISES. Featuring the single and video“2L’S UP”.
  • In late 2006 he co-writes and executive produces“THE PoloRican DVD”.A bilingual, musical, and comedy with dramatic sketches andThirstin Howlbiography.
  • Has released countless classic mix tapes including“Skilluminati”, ”Brother lo the 37THChamber”, ”Goya Family”and“The Lo-Life General” hosted bySTAR & BUCWILDformerly ofPOWER 105.1
  • Has a duet withTony Touchon his 2005EMI Latinrelease“ReggaeTony”Track #16(Paeso bebe).
  • Produced the song“Mr. Money” forDon Dineroon hisuniversal Latino2005 album“Ahora Que Si“.Thirstinwas also featured on many tracks and skits.
  • Produced and was featured on the song”Ojo por Ojo”onDon Dinero’sUniversal latino2006 album“UltimoGuerrero”
  • Lions Gate filmsmotion picture“Street of Legend”a story of illegal street racing set in Southern California feature theThirstin Howl, anger bangersproduced songsGods & GeneralsandThe Cards Life Dealt me.
  • Traveled toNorwayto record the song and video for“Side Brooklyn”with Norwegian rap groupSide brokbecoming a top 10 video and song in Norway,Pinadgreitt Records2005.Side brokslead rapperThorstein HYlis the Norwegian version ofThirstinand even creditsThe Polo Ricanfor his name.
  • Revolu recordsresponsible for many Miami Latin Hip Hop releases. FeatureThirstin’ssong“Lla tu Sabe”on their“Hip Hop en la Calle ocho 2004”compilation.

       Has performed promos for NYC’sStar and Buc Wild morning show,EdandDremorning show105.1

        andHot 97.Dj Enuff,Pocos Pero LocosandBahamadiasPhilly based showThe B-sides.

  • Thristinis featured inBobbito Garcia’sBook on the history of NYC sneaker culture titled “Where’d You get Those”.(Testify Books)pages 11, 134, 148, and 150.
  • Early 2004Traffic ENT. GroupdistributesThe Thirstin Howl IIIDVD“OverLo’D”Featuring music videos,LoLifeDocumentary and exclusive interviews.
  • Fall 2003Traffic ENT. GroupreleaseTHIRSTIN’S“Licensed to Skill”Album along with the“Brooklyn Bullet Gold Card Membership” single which also featured 3 extra songs from otherSkillionaireArtist.
  • Landspeed RecordsreleasesSkilligan’s Island, aThirstin Howl’sGreatest hits with a few new cuts. As well as theThirstymansingle whose photo cover showed you a youngThristinliving through every era of hip hop fashion.
  • Featured on the German rap groupMassive Tonetop 10 album “MT3”with the song “false one” oneast-west records.
  • I Still Live with My Moms- The Cartoon.Funny GarBage inc. creator ofRaptoonsset it off with theThirstin Howlclassic; this animated version is hosted by the legendary comedianRudy Ray Moore(Dolemite)in a comical Showtime at the Apollo style. Check outMaster Fool and Thirstinrecreated in old school“Rocky and Bull Winkle”figures.This is some real funny shit!
  • He has released 12” singles throughSKILLIONAIRE ENTERPRISESsuch as,I still live with my mom, Russian Rhoulette, Spit in your face (Rack-Lo) , Dreams of fucking a cartoon bitch,Mo’Ghetto, Get a Life, RackamaticsandO.G.Stripes.


  • Other CD’s released throughSKILLIONAIRE ENTERPRISES-Rack Lo’s Thou shall not steal, Rack Lauren & Aracknofoebia, The master Fool Album; Brownsville kid,FI-LO ‘keep out of reach of children” & The Alaskan Fisherman; Fire & Ice Albumas well as,The Lolife Founders-LOVE & LOYALTYwhich was the soundtrack to the series ofLolifestories featured in theSource Magazine.
  • Game Recordings, who have released classic singles, addThirstinto their list with the 2000 release of a maxi singleTHE PoloRicanwith three tracks entitled,The Polo Rican, Brooklyn Hard Rock part 2, and Skill or be SkilledfeaturingRack-Lo.
  • “Skill or be Skilled”
  • Boriqua’s Bond (Pana de Que), the motion picture and soundtrack that was released Summer 2000. FeaturesThirstin’sLatin Anthems“Pana de Que”featuringBrooklynAcademy, and the re-release of the singleThe Polorican.                            
  • He was featured onRawkus Records Soundbombing IIALBUM with the banger “Brooklyn Hardrock”1999
  • DJ Spinna’s Heavy Beatsalbum Vol. 1 (RAWKUS)includesThirstinwithShady/ Aftermath recording artist Eminem, song titled:Watch Deez.-1999
  • In 1999Rawkus RecordsreleasesThirstin’sfirst singleBrooklyn HardrockandSpitboxersfeaturingMaster FoolfromMTV’S Lyricist Lounge Show.
  • Homefield Advantage, the High and Mightyalbum released onRawkus Records.Thirstgets busy alongsideMr. EonandWordsworthonOpen Mic Night (Remix).
  • Ripped it onRawkus RecordsLyricist Lounge Album Vol. 1(Bathroom Cipher.)Paired with Master Fool as the only unsigned act to attend the firstLyricist Lounge Tour-1998
  • Featured on California’sSway and Tech, The Wake Up Show freestyle Video vol#1as well as earningThe Wake Up Show’s 1997Outstanding Mic Skills Award
  • Participated in the FirstRap Olympics; Sponsored by theRap CoalitionandRap Sheet Magazine, which was held in Califorinia in Oct. 1997. Was part of a team, which includedThirstin Howl III, Eminem, Wordsworth and Juice?
  • Used his bilingual skills on allTony Touch’s mix tapes50MC’scollection.
  • MTV’S Figgy Fosterseries of on air promos (1997), also featuredThirstin Howl IIIandMTV’s VP of Music Video Programming Fred Jordan (RIP)

        SKILLIONAIREpress kit –Available upon request


, Skillionaire, Skillosopher, Serial Skiller -THIRSTIN HOWL THE 3RD

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