1.; list-style-type: decimal;">ormerly known as Task Force, NAAM Brigade was a hardcore rap outfit that came out of Philadelphia in the '90s. NAAM has several full-time members, including Sonni Blak, Eyse da SupaStar, Rambo, and Meek Millz; with an extended family of MCs and allies!!

As NAAM, the group recorded a new mix tape titled NAAM Brigade Mixtape, Vol. 2, which is said to have sold about 20,000 copies in Philly. One of the tunes caught the attention of Power 99 FM (a major urban contemporary station in Philly) and became the theme of a popular mix show. NAAM Brigade Mixtape, Vol. 2 also caught the attention of the Los Angeles-based ARTISTdirect Records, which signed the rappers in the early 2000s. Early in the Game, NAAM's debut album, was given an August 2002 release date. The album's title track, which features Jay-Z protégé Freeway, was released as its first single.

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