Joshua “MADD ILLZ” Carrasco began his battle career in the late 90′s. After joining the United States Marine Corps in 2002, Illz traveled all over the country performing, battling and building a network for what would become the largest grass roots movement in Hip Hop since the culture began. As the first organized battle company, Illz was able to work with the Joseph Beasley foundation and shared his thoughts at the United Nations Headquarters “Music is a Natural Resource Project” in 2011. After downsizing in 2011, Madd Illz spent a year developing a better foundation to ensure the company’s survival in a fast growing market. Returning in 2013 with a new plan, staff, website and development deal through Maker studios, Illz started back on the track to creating history once more.

Take the arrogance of youth, with a sharp tongue and even sharper intellect and you have Madd Illz: A talented emcee who combines quick wit, wordplay with punchlines and strong political commentary. Originally from Texas Illz has been steadily making a name for himself from his home in Florida. Psychological/Viper Records recording artist Immortal Technique said "this nigga got skills, battling and making songs..."

A proven battle emcee, Madd Illz has sought to compliment his uncanny freestyle ability with a powerful stage presence and mind opening tracks. His stage shows have amazed countless audiences. Mixtape Legend Jesse Jazz said, "This guy is very talented. First time I saw him perform I was amazed. His freestyle skills are phenomenonal. He has the lyrics that make you say "oh shit, he said...." Having had his record contract at age 16 you have a skilled, young, hungry emcee whose a seasoned veteran. Madd Illz is and will continue to be a buzz when the hiphop is mentioned.

Battles Won:

Orlando's Hush Show

The Quest

Ill Fest: Atlanta

Civil Warz 3

Battle Basics 2 and 5

Breaklanta 5: Atlanta

Jadakiss Ruff Ryder Battle (Orlando)     

Elemental supremecy

Battle Zone 3 and 4

Scribble Jam Tour 2005: Tampa

Battle Grounds 5: Kentucky

Performances With:

Mars Ill



Immortal Technique



Josh Martinez



Fat Lip

Omni B.L.X.

Mika Nine

Little Brother

Sollilaquist of Sound


"The Lead By Example Project: Hip-Hop Is A Culture"
H2OIFF Bronx Museum - The Bronx, NY - November 2004

"The Battles of Madd Illz"
DMAC Weekly Short-Film-Slam - Orlando, FL -October 2004

Florida Music Festival & Conference 
Orlando, FL -May 2005

Scribble Jam 2004 DVD

Madd Illz - VP Booking Image 1.0


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