The Teacha "KRS-One"

Is Proud To Announce

TOHH Booking 1.2

The Only Ordained International Hip Hop Academic Curriculum

Now Available To The Public For The First Time In History!!

Hip Hop: The Art Of Self-Creation

This day course is designed to educate students of all levels about the True Origins and History of Hip Hop. Taught by Hip Hops first and only recognized Master Teacher KRS-One (better known as Teacha), Hip Hop: The Art Of Self-Creation is a refreshing departure from the over saturated mainstream misconceptions about Hip Hop Culture.

While studying, students will be flanked by a dazzling 100+ piece archive depicting Hip Hop’s Pioneers and Cultural Icons, as well as civil rights leaders and historical figures relevant to the Hip Hop Movement. This course is the only Officially Authorized Hip Hop Study Course. 

This curriculum is designed to empower the student with a sense of self acceptance and self worth by actually experiencing Hip Hop beyond entertainment. Hip Hop: The Art Of Self-Creation teaches the knowledge and foundation necessary to discover Hip Hop’s True Meaning and Purpose. 

With a proper understanding of this knowledge, the student will have a foundation to begin living and experiencing a True Hip Hop lifestyle. This Hip Hop Academic Curriculum will educate students so they posses a base knowledge of Hip Hop that will guide them through the proper ways to approach Hip Hop in all areas of life.

After the conclusion of each workshop, lecture, or seminar curriculum there will be an Q&A session followed by a meet-n-greet opportunity where students will receive their ‘Certificate Of Completion’ for the Study Course.

We would like to thank everyone for their continued support of The Teacha “KRS-One” and The Temple Of Hip Hop. We look forward to building lasting relationships and expanding awareness about our unique and vibrant way of life that is Hip Hop. To those interested in; obtaining an Authentic Hip Hop Certification, or providing an Academic Hip Hop Curriculum, please reply via email with your contact info as well as a personal letter why you would like this Authentic Hip Hop Experience.

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