KRS-One Live Pic Series 20

KRS-One Live Pic Series 20

“You are not doing Hip Hop, you ARE Hip Hop!!”

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With over 20 albums, 37 Gold and Platinum plaques, The Teacha “KRS-One” is an American Hip Hop Emcee, Producer, Philosopher, Teacher, Activist, Author, Actor, generally known as The Blastmaster. The Temple Of Hip Hop is the ONLY Official Hip Hop Organization ordained by the founding fathers of Hip Hop; Kool Dj Herc, Afrika Bambaata, Grandmaster Flash.

The Teacha “KRS-One” has been ordained as the lead authority on Hip Hop Culture by The Father Of Hip Hop Culture Kool Dj Herc, Afrika Bambaata & The Universal Zulu Nation, Grandmaster Flash, Grandmaster Caz, Chief Rocka Busy Bee, Kool Moe Dee, and a host of other founding fathers and mothers of Hip Hop.

From the Founding Fathers of Hip Hop to the “Pillars” of mainstream corporate America, The Teacha “KRS-One” is the first and only recognized Master Teacher of Hiphop, Hip Hop, and hip-hop by the entire world.


“The Conscious of Hip Hop” - Rolling Stone

“The de-facto spokesperson of Hip Hop” - The Wall Street Journal

“The greatest live Emcee of All Time!!” - The Source Magazine

“Influenced the actual creation of The Source Magazine” - The Big Payback

1989 - Was Co-Founder of the 1989 STV Movement

1990 - Coordinated a record in 1990 called “All InThe Same Gang” used a Gang Truce Anthem

1991 - Was Co-Founder of the 1991 Human Education Against Lies (HEAL) Movement

1996 - He Founded The Temple Of Hip Hop by Declaring “I Am Hip Hop” and by working to popularize the statement “Rap is something we do, Hip Hop is something we live”.

May 16th 2001 - He spearheaded The Hip Hop Declaration Of Peace with the United Nations Officially Recognizing this historical document declaring Hip Hop Culture as an international culture of peace and prosperity.

2001/2005 – He distributed over 20,000 copies of The Hip Hop Declaration of Peace

2002 - Organized the first “Eye On Terror” 9/11 meeting of the minds

2004 - Received the “Official Honoree” at the VH1 Hip Hop Honors

2007 - Received the “I Am Hip Hop Icon Award” at the BET Hip Hop Awards

2008 - Received the “Lifetime Achievement Award” for his on-going work and effort towards the Stop The Violence Movement as well as the overall pioneering of Hip Hop music and culture at the BET Hip Hop Awards

2009 - Ordained as Hip Hop’s Master Teacher by The Universal Zulu Nation

2009 - Received the “Living Legend Award” at the Urban Music Awards.

2009 - Released “The Gospel Of Hip Hop: A study guide outlining the techniques of self-creation pertinent to the hip hop lifestyle”.

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