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Akil Pic 1

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Akil The MC of Jurassic 5 is stepping heavy as a solo artist in Hip Hop with a brand new studio album, and the hot management team of Vigilant Promotions, that is here to preserve real Hip Hop for future generations!

Akil The MC brings True Hip Hop to the table for all ages, offering participants Hip Hop truths because his story is one traveled. Jurassic 5 began their journey as an underground hip-hop force in ’94 with songs such as “Concrete School Yard,” released on their self-titled album in ’97 and “What’s Golden” on album “Power in Numbers,” released in ’02 and continued with a strong fan base until March ‘07 with their last album, “Feedback,” when; according to Akil, due to bad business decisions and people not getting along in the group, Jurassic 5 dismantled.

Akil The MC began touring alone as soon as Jurassic 5 fell off from the label and one another. Akil still performs some of the Jurassic 5 singles to get the crowd moving and his fans going but has already recorded and performed several of his own songs which was released on his album, “Sound Check” in the summer ’09.

“Sound check is something you do before the show, tweaking the levels, making sure your mic is set up right so you know that your sound is playable for the people to take in when the show does happen.  I feel like I am just starting over, so I have a sound check with my project.  I have to set the tone for my show.”

Akil The MC has been working on “Sound Check” since summer ’08. “I could have been done with the album,” he says but he was focused on J-5 until the group actually dismantled. “I was coming from a fan-base that was fairly large. I understand how people are, sometimes they want to know if you are going to make the same type of music or going to be in the same band. I want to touch on where I came from and open new doors.” Akil’s sound relates to his fans from Jurassic 5 as well as to a younger audience. “Plus I am little too,” Akil laughs. One of his focuses being to reach to a younger audience without needing to “dumb down” the music.

After you get in front of their faces, they know they have an alternative, they have been given a choice that they can [listen] to other styles of music,” says Akil who grew up in South Central Los Angeles, “A lot of black kids from where I [grew] up, they was break dancing, they were DJing, they was emceeing.  You had your gang stuff going on as well but when hip-hop came in it gave us other alternatives. 

“Hip Hop is the foundation and rap is just a branch.  It is all still connected to the same tree, whether you do gangsta rap or super-positive [music]. Our enemies see us as one so we should see ourselves as one.”

Akil The MC has toured over-seas with Jurassic 5 but has done massive touring since they have separated. Akil is the first emcee to perform in Cambodia and he was able to travel to Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria and more since the breakup.

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