Time To Be Your Own Digital Identity

You are a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram master. You have spent months, even years to carefully build your name and brand on these various networks. You value your time selecting relationships and choosing the right connections. You want your own connected prosperous community of fans, followers and enthusiasts, artists and professionals. But the real dirty secret of social media platforms, is that you are not in control of any of your connections, contacts, or metadata.

Your entertainment connections are yours, and you already own them. Introduce yourself to new and active business clients with your own Digital Identity website platform. This is the most practical tool to leverage your existing members, artists and entertainment connections. It's time for you to make money off of the connections you already possess.

A Digital Identity of Your Own, custom built for only $49.99

Converting your passive Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram social media connections into new active paying clients is easily accomplished with a TBHWebTech Digital Identity Platform. All the tools are at your disposal for the most powerful presence on the internet with the most desirable online business tools integrated right into your website.

  • Do unlimited mass marketing campaigns to all of your connections at once or just choose a select few to reach.
  • Whenever someone visits your site, you are able to automatically capture their email address.
  • Perform integrated email mailings, memberships, paid memberships, free and paid subscriptions, invoicing clients, crowdfunding donations and fundraising. 
  • PayPal merchant card processing, and much more comes with your Digital Identity website package. 
  • Converting your social media connections to become your new paying clients, TBHWebTech Digital Identity website gives you all the tools, options and power you need.

This is your website and with it you can easily showcase any online content you want. Using one of our standard style platforms, any content or blog page you create is easily converted into a service or product selling page with 1 simple click of the editor button. Of course every selling page you create is completed with your shopping cart and PayPal invoicing. Anything you create or compose in the easy to use editor can become your new product sales page. Built-in emailing makes sure that billing and invoicing of your newly created customer is automatically done.

Your Own Digital Identity - Total Ease Of Use

Installing a SSL security certificate, maintaining hacker proof security, instituting the right privacy, cookies and GDPR policies, transferring an existing domain, doing site backups and updates are too many tasks and very expensive when performed by a regular hosting company or graphic web designers. Your TBHWebTech Digital Identity Package includes all of this and much more as an integrated online presence for you. One vendor to call, one monthly support and hosting charge ($39.99), one single point of contact, the simplicity of your Digital Identity website package.

TBHWebTech is your all in one platform vendor and hosting supplier. For the special promotional introductory price of only $49.99 you get a powerful online shopping platform. CMS (content management system) website, with free domain, SSL security certificate*, unlimited members and emails, photo and video galleries, videos, emails plus unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Also unlimited product selling pages are quickly created for you.

This is so much more than just a regular website that could cost you a lot of cash to have a website that doesn't bring out your vision, your look to your social media audience. The choice is simple, use $49.99 to get the best custom website platform working for you OR be robbed spending hundreds or thousands of dollars to get a simple 5 page website designed. Save yourself time, money and aggravation. Take control of your brand and own your emails addresses! Finally make real cash online! A TBHWebTech Digital Identity website package is the best choice!

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$49.99 to get your custom site built and installed. It is a simple process to do. Only 2 quick steps are involved: Click the link and at the domain page and then select your Domain option. Next, follow the Blue boxes (links) to checkout. You will then receive your package emails with access and instructions for site style selection and uploading your logos, files and videos for us to custom build your website and assemble the Digital Identity platform.

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