Besides radio, there are three other main parts to marketing an artist; press, gigs, and retail; which can be quite difficult for a new artist/label to get started. Fortunately, radio can be a tool to get these going by using radio referrals. College radio should be considered for every campaign, even if you are doing high-level commercial radio. College radio is relatively inexpensive and can provide some very positive chart or report results to show retail, press, and clubs.

The focus of a Vigilant Promotions Radio Campaign is towards national college radio stations and secondary FM radio stations.

We will start by mailing out the artist to stations in North America with an emphasis on stations with formats most conducive to the sound of the CD. The stations where the artist is sent to will report all charting information to CMJ. We will utilize all of the college radio stations that report to CMJ, including some of the secondary and community FM stations (800+ stations). 

The Vigilant Plan

The focus of our national radio promotion campaign is towards college radio stations (which report all chart info to CMJ) and secondary FM radio stations. Vigilant Promotions utilizes all of the college radio stations that report to CMJ, including secondary and community FM stations (800+stations total).

CMJ Holdings Corpconnects music fans and music industry professionals with the best in new music through interactive media, live events and print.

CMJ.comoffers a digital music discovery service, information resources and community to new music fans, professionals and artists.

CMJ Eventsproduces the legendaryCMJ Music Marathon, the largest and longest-running music industry event of its kind, in addition to live events and tours across the US.

CMJ Chartingis the weekly music-business trade magazine known as CMJ New Music Report which is the music industries primary source for exclusive charts of non-commercial and college radio airplay.

CMJ Accessis an integrated marketing agency specializing in providing its clients unparalleled access to the college and young adult demographic and emerging music world.

Who is Reading, “CMJ New Music Report”?

The CMJ New Music Report is a weekly publication that is read by businesses like Vigilant Promotions. The following is a list of other businesses in the music industry that also subscribe to CMJ New Music Report:

  • Major and Independent Record Labels
  • Major and Independent Press
  • Marketers, Promoters and Publishers
  • Alternative, College and Internet Radio
  • Program Directors and DJs
  • Music Retailers
  • Club Bookers