The focus of a Vigilant Promotions Radio Campaign is towards national college radio stations and secondary FM radio stations.

We will start by mailing out the artist to stations in North America with an emphasis on stations with formats most conducive to the sound of the CD. The stations where the artist is sent to will report all charting information to CMJ. We will utilize all of the college radio stations that report to CMJ, including some of the secondary and community FM stations (800+ stations). 

In order to do this Vigilant Promotions will need a full-length album or short EP with at least 3-5 songs. We will start by targeting stations and other key locations, that once again will be most conducive to the sound of the CD, and marketing plan.

We will need to describe and maintain the artist's image consistently in all promo materials to make sure the look flows to all aspects of the promotion materials. We will also need a brief history of the artist for the design of their hot-sheet.

8 week timeline for product/ promotional tools:

Vigilant Promotions will mail the CDs and the appropriate promotional material to stations on a Tuesday with tracking beginning 14 days later (Tuesday) and continuing for a minimum of a eight-week period. Calls will be made/e-mails will be sent, depending on the preference of the Music Director, in order to track the CD.

This week-by-week task requires Vigilant Promotions to contact all of the radio stations each week by calling within the designated call times, sending weekly email blasts, facebook, tweets, and other preferred contact methods they may prefer.

Timeline & Deadlines for your project:

Vigilant Promotions will track your album for a minimum of 8 weeks to XXX stations. We will select an Add date/ street date (always on a Tues.), mail out your album and track its progress at all stations by contacting each individual radio station every week.

The "Radio Add Date" for the CD will be exactly 2 or 3 weeks after the mail out date. The artist will receive extra weeks of tracking if it falls on the holidays. Tracking calls may or may not be made during the holidays and stations may vary. Tracking may continue beyond 8 weeks depending upon radio interest in the CD and holidays at no additional charge.

Promotional Tools:

All CDs and promotional materials will need to be mailed out to the selected radio stations and press 2 weeks before the actual add date/street date in order to meet the projected goals. Vigilant Promotions will also assist, inform, and advise in other areas where needed, such as publicity, booking and festival information, street promotion, and any other events that may arise.

What Vigilant needs from artists for your mail-out:

- XXX CDs for the initial campaign mail-out and an extra 5 extra copies per 50 units for re-servicing, lost, or missing CDs.

- More CDs may be requested for giveaways if artist/label desires. This usually bolsters interest in the CD.

- X Extra CDs for office and/or other use.

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