The Vigilant Plan

The focus of our national radio promotion campaign is towards college radio stations (which report all chart info to CMJ) and secondary FM radio stations. Vigilant Promotions utilizes all of the college radio stations that report to CMJ, including secondary and community FM stations (800+stations total).


The Vigilant Execution

Vigilant Promotions will work with artist management to select an Add date (always on a Tues.) and digitally submit your album and track its progress at all stations by contacting each individual radio station every week via phone, email, social media DM's, and/or fax for a minimum of eight weeks. Tracking may continue beyond 8 weeks (depending upon radio interest in the CD and holidays) at no additional charge.

The Vigilant Outcome

Proper solicitation and tracking of radio will give you an idea of what places are embracing your music so you can target a specific market/area for further exposure. Because of the nature for this type of promotion you will be able to have a place to start when it comes time for distribution of your album and setting up college tours/shows. Aside from building an impressive hot-sheet it can de-regionalize an act, putting a perceived national “buzz” to a release, which is often necessary to garner any attention from the industry and other mass media outlets. It also allows you to show more accomplishments on your press kit/resume’ for future endeavors. However, the biggest achievement is to get in to the top chartings of CMJ as a Top Add, Top Chart, and/or in CMJ’s Top 200. Chart information is based on combined airplay reports of releases from CMJ’s panel of college and commercial radio stations, while frequency of this draws attention of major labels, press, and management. This is where the number of stations that you decide to mail-out to for airplay can really make the difference.

What A Vigilant Proposal Offers

The proposal will offer to you all of the material stated above, and allows you to use our services in conjunction with other services in a “Non-Exclusive Agreement”. It also states that this is not in any way a partnership with your business. The end of the proposal is an agreement to pay for services which is a legal binding document giving Vigilant Promotions the right to act, console, and solicit on behalf of the artist for an agreed period of time, that being the 8 week minimum time allotted.

All digital radio campaigns include the following:

  • Campaign Preparation
  • Hot-sheet Design
  • Radio Promotion/Tracking/Consulting for 8 weeks
  • Pick Stations
  • Arrange an Add Date
  • Arrange a Mail-out Date
  • EPK Set-up
  • Detailed Final Report of Tracking Results
  • Contact Information for Supporting Stations
  • Templates To Begin Follow-up w/ Stations

400 Station - National Campaign

Standard Fee Normally $5,000.00 - You Get A Savings Of $4,500.00!!

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