Ok, you’ve spent 3+ months recording and mixing down your tracks. You release your tracks and promote it on every music site and platform that's out there. Feeling real good that now is your time and that you are truly, finally, on your way. Your reward for all of this hard work and effort is the same sad, cruel result; you're just another unknown and unplayed artist!

Being one of the many independent artists possessing some great music, you wonder how you can ever possibly get attention for your song, how will your new 'kick ass' track ever rise above the noise?

Searching and searching you discover that there are so many platforms and outlets promising thousands, millions of fans and airplay for your track, just give up the cash and trust them. Deep down you know that it doesn't really work that way.

So what happens after YouTube, Soundcloud, iTunes, Google Play, CD Baby, Pandora, Spotify all have your track uploaded, but NO royalties or cash is coming forth at all. Among the many agencies, agents, and music platform sites promising to make you famous, Vigilant Promotions has the standout solution to help you become the noticed and connected artist you're trying to be.


Why college radio?

College Radio is one of the last affordable, traditional, and straightforward ways to get your track distributed throughout the country in a very efficient manner. As each college radio station adds your project to their current playlist Vigilant will be tracking this progress and provide you with a real master playlist tracking report letting you know about the level of rotation station by station for a minimum of 8 weeks!

You will get a fully digital version of our traditional campaigns to market and promote your radio edited Ep (4+ songs) or full length album which will be submitted and reviewed by 400 different college radio stations for current rotation and charting in playlists throughout the United States.

We are offering our 400 College Station Mid-Level Campaign package for just $500.00 dollars!

With Vigilant Promotions you can now utilize this new information from our direct marketing campaign to increase your audiences everywhere that your song is getting actual rotation! That means actual new markets with new listeners, new followers, and ultimately new customers. Vigilant Promotions will assist you with CRM techniques so that the college radio station adds for your music becomes a key contributor to your brand as an artist getting airplay from real stations with built in listener engagement!

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Vigilant Promotions has been doing this since 2001 (yes.. thats before any social media or any form of music was even available online.. at all) and have continually maintained the best promotion deals nationally for a very affordable weapon within the reach of all independent artists and new brand names.

Having Vigilant Promotions joined together with your personal music business efforts as a team, your newly released music can now actually secure the attention to really get noticed!

Vigilant services simply levels the playing field for non-established artists with new releases and no industry insider relationships to influence honest reviews and support for your music. So with only $500.00 to submit to 400 college radio stations nationally, for a campaign that would normally require a starting budget of $5,000 dollars and upwards of $10,000 or more, one college booking secured from this and you're on your way to touring!

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With this essential part of your marketing strategy getting taken care of, you can now go back to the track(s) you initially put up on YouTube, Soundcloud, BandCamp, Spotify etc., and finally increase all of those various audiences because Vigilant Radio is helping your track reach new markets through college radio airplay.

This will directly increase your other online views which will now actually grow and expand your exposure directing all of that traffic back to your streaming/downloads and thus finally increase real revenue back to you.


Radio Airplay = Press, Gigs, Retail, & Followers!

Besides radio, there are three other main parts to marketing an artist; press, gigs, and retail; which can be quite difficult for a new artist/label to get started. Fortunately, radio can be a tool to get these going by using radio referrals.

College radio should be considered for every campaign, even if you are doing high-level commercial radio. College radio is relatively inexpensive and can provide some very positive chart or report results to show retail, press, and clubs.

Naturally there are numerous new people being exposed to your music at every step of the way and many of them will seek you out on all social media platforms for your direct activity!

So it's time to get your project going, and get yourself a Vigilant Promotions affordable 400 College Station Mid-Level Campaign to help your new release become a money making contributor to your ascent as an artist. Make the move with Vigilant Promotions, it is time to become the new number ONE artist!


Contact & Purchase

Contact Vigilant Promotions directly if you have any questions or would just like to have some human connection at anytime during the process.

Or simply get started today with your 400 College Station Mid-Level Campaign package below!

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