Ok, you’ve spent 3+ months recording and mixing down your tracks. You release your tracks and promote it on every music site and platform that's out there. Feeling real good that now is your time that and you are finally, truly on your way. Your reward for all of this hard work and effort is the same cruel result, you're just another unknown and unplayed artist. Being one of many independent artists possessing some great music, you wonder how you can ever possibly get attention for your song, how will your new track ever rise above the noise?

Among the many agencies, agents, and music platform sites promising to make you famous, Vigilant Promotions has the standout solution to help you become the noticed connected artist in all media

media only to have hardly anyone even listen to your project, or help get others to listen, after you release your music to the world. You know you need to increase your following somehow.

So you make sure to have your music on Spotify, iTunes, Pandora, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, YouTube, etc cause you know that will help get things moving. But these content streaming platforms still generate you little to no listens, views, or likes and now just added more online profiles to manage and promote alongside your social media links.

4 Social Media Platforms - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat

6 Content Steaming Sites - iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, Bandcamp, SoundCloud

Now that your managing and promoting 10+ online platforms vs you and your music career don’t you think its time to get back to what works! Take all of your time, energy, and resources back! Stop developing these platforms and start developing yourself correctly right here and now today!

College Radio Airplay

Vigilant College Radio focuses on good old fashion brick and mortar stations that require the same energy you’re already putting out but with an actual return on your time and resources! Why spend all your time building a social network following , one person at a time, when those individuals don’t actually always listen, support, or buy, much less help increase your following or actual listenership?

When you develop your own radio station support network, those stations giving you airplay can bring in hundreds and thousands of listeners to follow you on all those social media and content streaming platforms you manage.

Are you trying to build a serious following for your music?

Tired of social media never generating real music business networking?

Are you looking for actual press coverage?

Are you having trouble building listeners?

Build your followers from a national pool of music business taste-makers and their audiences!

Besides radio, there are three other main parts to marketing an artist; press, gigs, and retail; which can be quite difficult for a new artist/label to get started. Fortunately, radio can be a tool to get these going by using radio referrals. College radio should be considered for every campaign, even if you are doing high-level commercial radio. College radio is relatively inexpensive and can provide some very positive chart or report results to show retail, press, and clubs.

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