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Here Are All The Members For The Corvus Humphries Foundation


Q: Why we are having this Fundraiser?

A: We are here to honor Corvus “Chrono” Humphries’ many memories and continuing legacy.

This event is an evening planned with art, poetry, singing, dancing and food. A celebration of the life of a vibrant young man who was gunned down in the streets of Chicago. His life was suddenly snatched from him early Sunday morning, October 2nd, 2016.

We are here to celebrate and to emphasize the positive things he stood for and believed in. Awards will be given on Chrono's behalf with his siblings and best friends chosen to receive them on his behalf. Though his life ended all too soon, we are all committed to continue this vision of nonviolence to foster and support our environment, and to institute and further the mission.

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Chrono's legacy was firm and far-reaching. Many of you have already come together to help continue Chrono's legacy with rich passion. He believed strongly in helping others and worked fervently to do so.  He worked various jobs to support his siblings financially as they pursued their education. He was a friend to all he met and was always there to be a pillar to his peers as they pursue their various careers and artistic goals.

So with this fundraiser we will help to raise money for the first two programs of the foundation. The first that will carry his namesake as an Annual Scholarship Fund, and the second being the launch of the Chicago Remembrance Registry.

Speakers & Talent

Dj Lamont Watts  |  Nico Jordan  |  Leslie Williams  |  Kable Reid  |  Kendall Bryant  |  Revahh


Innovations High School  |  TBHWebTech  |  Vigilant Promotions & PR

IMG Recordings  |  The United States Hip Hop Coalition


Click the links below to learn more about supporting these direct support innitives.

The Corvus Humphries Scholarship Fund

The Innovations High School Poetry Scholarship

 The Remembrance Registry

The Chicago Remembrance Registry

 We need YOUR SUPPORT to Donate or Buy Tickets to this fundraiser... An Evening For Chrono!