Free MADD ILLZ Mixtape via Augmented Reality APP

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It’s finally here, the Freeverses Vol. 1 Free Mixtape! This Mixtape is a collection of songs the Grind Time Now owner/artist has put together with some of his closest friends and features 18 tracks of non stop lyricism. Dropping his EP titled ‘Hi.. Again’ in early 2014, Madd Illz decides to showcase his lyrical capabilities on FVV:1. This release marks one of the first of its kind though. Utilizing the 'LAYAR application', users can scan the Cd cover art and receive a free download link to their phone via new technology called Augmented Reality. This eliminates the need of using cds or flash drives.

Click the link or promo image above for the traditional digital download method.


Scan the Cd cover art below for this Augmented Reality experience and free extra content!
Just download the 'LAYAR application' in your mobile app store to scan the image.


Released: July 26th, 2013

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