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BronxAngeles: A State Of Mind, was inspired from lyrics by the legendary rhyme inspector Percee P in a song called “Watch Your Step” off of his Perseverance album. Being an Emcee from the Bronx yet residing now out in Los Angeles, he felt an expansion or evolution of himself.. “Everything of who I am comes from where I grew up, it made me who I am. But now that Im out on the west coast I realized that Im gaining even more to add to who I am, and create who I will be tomorrow. So I love where Im from, but Im also gaining from where Im at.”

He originally presented the idea to Akil from the legendary Jurassic 5, shortly after their departure, and the two of them began to collaborate on this project. Now with two legends in Hip Hop, both Percee P and Akil created such a great energy to the idea, Percee with his experience of Hip Hop at its birth, in the birthplace of the Bronx, and Akil with his experience of Hip Hop at its birth, but from the west coast perspective, and with his extensive worldwide overseas touring with Jarassic 5. This preserved authenticity of Hip Hop, and its evolutions, have since created a redefining definition to take shape.

BronxAngeles is a redefining definition – It is the ACT of applying a combination of sources to create a new whole, or evolution of the combined sources as one. This is at the heart of Hip Hop Culture, it is our Hiphop Consciousness, it is our art of self creation given by Great Spirit, it is A State Of Mind. We are One. We are Hip Hop!

BronxAngeles: A State Of Mind, is now manifesting as a hip-hop project that is about applying the unifying nature of Hiphop Consciousness and Hip Hop Culture under one accord.. or in this case record. We will be collaborating with a wide range of defining hip-hop emcees and rappers that support the preservation of this essence in our Hip Hop Culture. We ask everyone to participate in this great movement of unity by donating your Hip Hop Element(s) to the first recorded album titled, BronxAngeles: A State Of Mind, and spreading the word to Hiphoppas everywhere.

“A lot of these emcees have been heard but are just overlooked by the media, this hip-hop project will provide a place for us to be seen.. as the true roots or essence of Hip Hop” - Percee P

All Independent Artists recieve a slot on this Development Campaign which includes the following support...

  • National Artist to host album project

– Percee P and/or Akil of Jurassic 5

  • Several National Artists contributing music

– KRS-One, Zin Uru, Bushwick Bill, Billy Danze (M.O.P.), Bonecrusher, Wildchild, Guilty Simpson, Sean Price, MikeFlo (Dead Prez Dj), and more to be announced..

  • Placement of one (1) track to current album project

– BronxAngeles: A State Of Mind

  • 200 Station Mid-Level Regional Campaign for 10 weeks

College, Commercial, Online, Satellite

  • 1000 copies of the album

– Artists will receive 110 Cd’s each

  • This album project will have a full Awareness Campaign

Full 12 week campaign

  • Press Pursuit

Full 12 week campaign

  • Viral Marketing

Full 12 week campaign

  • Artists will be included in all promotional materials for this campaign

Concert Event/Tour option

  • And more..

For All Interested Emcee's/Rappers, Producers, DJs, Submissions, etc.  Please Contact:

Kable Reid | 612.423.0355 | kable@vigilantpromotions.com

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