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March 21           - Jacksonville, FL

March 22           - Orlando, FL - Liquid Night Club

March 23           - Miami, FL

March 24           - Orlando, FL - Austin's Coffee

March 25           - Atlanta, GA

March 26           - Charlotte, NC

March 27           - Richmond, VA

March 28           - Wilmington, DE

March 29           - New York, NY

March 30           - New York, NY- EOW

March 31           - Day Off, New York

April 1               - Boston, MA

April 2               - Hartford, CT

April 3               - Syracuse, NY

April 4               - Pittsburgh

April 5               - Detroit, MI 

April 6               - Chicago, IL

April 7               - Milwaukee, WI 

April 8               - Minneapolis, MN

April 9               - Kansas City, MO

April 10             - Oklahoma City, OK

April 11             - Dallas, TX

April 12             - Austin, TX

April 13             - San Antonio, TX

April 14             - Day off Fort Stockton, TX

April 15             - Tucson, AZ

April 16             - Phoenix, AZ

April 17             - San Diego, CA

April 18             - Las Vegas, NV

April 19             - Los Angeles, CA

April 20             - Santa Cruz, CA

April 21             - Modesto, CA

April 22             - Reno, CA

April 23             - Day Off

April 24             - Portland, OR

April 25             - Seattle, WA

More information is to be released over time. For now, we have released this graphic for the battle fans to see. One thing is for sure, both emcees will not be holding back any secrets. This will be the most personal battle you will see in 2014! Happy New Year!

To Book Your Grind Time Now: 
(Preliminary & Main Battle Events)

Kable Reid

P: 612.423.0355


National Booking Manager (Grind Time Now)

National Promotions Director (Vigilant Promotions)

Joshua “MADD ILLZ” Carrasco began his battle career in the late 90′s. After joining the United States Marine Corps in 2002, Illz traveled all over the country performing, battling and building a network for what would become the largest grass roots movement in Hip Hop since the culture began. As the first organized battle company, Illz was able to work with the Joseph Beasley foundation and shared his thoughts at the United Nations Headquarters “Music is a Natural Resource Project” in 2011. After downsizing in 2011, Madd Illz spent a year developing a better foundation to ensure the company’s survival in a fast growing market. Returning in 2013 with a new plan, staff, website and development deal through Maker studios, Illz started back on the track to creating history once more. 

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Nick 'Lush One' Carletti Hyams is a California based entertainer and entrepreneur with a unique and flamboyant style. He is first and foremost known as a hip-hop artist/emcee who has been active in the indie scene for over a decade.  He has hosted & organized many of the most notable rap battles of the past several years with King Of The Dot, Grind Time Now, & The Fresh Coast movement. He is also an accomplished song writer & touring artist signed to French trip-hop label Chinese Man Records as well as the Machina Muerte art collective. He has performed, DJed, and hosted at many of the world's largest festivals including Rock the Bells, Paid Dues, & The Vans Warped Tour. He has been involved in several multimedia projects including the soundtrack to the film 'Dragon Eyes' with Jean Claude Van Dame, screen writing, executive producing (albums & events), & new media.

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